Into The Black

June 19, 2012


Keep It Burning

June 16, 2012

Back to Zion.

Strip Six

June 1, 2012

After intentionally underexposing the first half of this roll, I wound the film back and shot over it again. The first two pics are half of two separate frames with a third full frame on top. The third shot is two single exposures split by the scanner. Not what I expected, but the surprises I was hoping for.

It’s been a while since I experimented with multiple exposures, and this seems like a good time to share an outtake from my book. I shot this portrait of my friend Malgosia while we were waiting for the bus in Victoria back in 2008. It was a late-round cut, when all the pairs in part I finally felt right. Click to go big, as always.

City of Glass

May 7, 2012

You know it’s real when your latest nights are your greatest nights.

Supermoon — May 6

Me and the Devil

April 29, 2012